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February 21, 2018, 08:28:58 AM

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Voodoo's Warrior Build


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Voodoo's Warrior Build
« on: September 14, 2013, 07:39:00 PM »
So I've had several people interested in how I run my warrior, to save myself from repeating how to build it over and over again. I'm going to lay it out for you all with something written.

Requires the ability to evade effectively to be successful within a dungeon environment.

*This post will continue to expand to cover many aspects of the game when I have the time available.
Pros: High Crit, Build Might on Crit, Stacks Vulnerability & Bleeds on enemies, Decent passive regeneration.

Cons: Not as much survivability to go hands free, requires good dodging ability.
Greatsword - You biggest damage dealer with this build.
Rifle - Your single target nuke for certain situations.
Longbow - For AoE taging.
Spear - Underwater primary.
Harpoon Gun - Secondary for underwater.
*Traits  30/25/15/0/0*
(Strength 30) - Thee most powerful trait line you can choose for a greatsword.
Adept skill - Great Fortitude(III), You grab this to give some survivability.
Master skill - Slashing Power(IX), This is obvious, More damage for your main weapons.
Grandmaster skill - Berserker's Power(XI), More damage, should always maintain max adrenaline.

(Arms 25) - Chosen to help grouping and grants the ability to inflict status effects.
Adept skill - Rending Strikes(V), Helps your groups do more damage with vulnerabilities.
Master skill - Forceful Greatsword(X), Most powerful trait you are grabbing, your weapon abilities recharge faster, and you gain Might on crit.

(Defense 15) - Where you get some survivability.
Adept skill - Dogged March(II), Pretty much, if someone tries to slow your movement you get regeneration. Not only that these effects are lessened by 33% passively.
The best part of these point is the minor skill you grab at 15 points. you gain huge regeneration when at max adrenaline(should always be at max).

 Here is a link for something more visual -
*Gearing and what stats to choose*
So first off you need to identify how good you are about being able to evade and watch for AoEs. If you think yourself a complete badass, full Berserker across the board ( Weapons and Armor) will work for most of everything you will be doing. This changes overtime when you start getting into heavy fractals or you are the heaviest armor wearing profession in your groupings. When that becomes a thing, Full Berserker Base stats for your armor with Valkyrie Orbs (Beryl Orbs) with a mixture of Berserker, Valkyrie, and Knight stats for your accessories.

I don't believe in Runes for your armor on a Warrior. This being because you get an overall more customized statistical increase with Orbs than you can get with runes. The trait build I have set up provides the mechanics, I feel that your gear should just make those mechanics more powerful. While runes do give a certain benefit statistically, being able to insert any orb into your gear lets you better perfect the role you are going to be filling.

When it comes to Sigils, I run the Sigil of Air for a single target nuke on Crit, and I run Sigil of Perception on my Rifle. This being so I can stack up the Precision and then use my greatsword for greater effect.

Some have said Sigil of Fire is really nice instead of air. My only problem with it is that it can only hit a maximum amount of 3 targets, which your cleave already does. it is also less overall damage in a total amount that a Sigil of Air proc would hit for(Fire being 8xx and Air being 13xx). Not to mention, the cost difference between both sigils is incredible, Fire is almost 50x mroe expensive than air at the time of this being posted.
*Healing, Utility, Elite Usage*
Healing Signet will be your primary healing ability, rarely does this change.
Healing Surge is that heal you switch to when you are focused beyond belief in your group.
*You should only swap to healing Surge in EXTREME cases.

Foreword - ANY SIGNET, Should be avoided from frequent use. Aside from your healing signet and your Elite. Signet warriors are bad warriors mmkay?

Using banners to fit your situation in GROUP play is always best, holler out to your group which the would rather you use. Personally I swap between Banner of Discipline and Banner of Defense.

Shouts are personally my favorite and are found on my bars most often, namely For Great Justice and On My Mark are great for upping your groups offense. Shake if Off is great for group condition removal and should always be considered.

Other than what I have mentioned, the rest are mobility and situational use, with time you will learn when and what to use. Most of them are amazing for PvP in which I'll discuss later.

You honestly have two choices here.

Signet of Rage - One of your most powerful elite skills if not thee most powerful. You gain 20% chance to crit, you start stacking Might, and your movement speed is increased. This has a wide variety of uses, from being a movement increase to a general increase in damage before your next pull.


Battle Standard - Your group variant of Signet of Rage. It provides all the same bonuses but for your entire group, it also revive fallen allies in moments of desperation. The largest downside is the huge cooldown. Which makes it difficult to use unless you know when exactly you will be needing it. Regardless one should consider using this when in any sort of grouping as it is a very powerful tool when used correctly.

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