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January 19, 2018, 10:12:07 PM

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Host Fees are due


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Host Fees are due
« on: May 30, 2013, 06:50:36 PM »
Hello Everyone, I have another important announcement.

First I would like to thank all of you for coming together when the Teamspeak server (Mys’s Home) was failing, and because of all of you, we are able to have a brand spanking new TS Server! (For Mys to live) As well as a Team Fortress 2 Server. I would also like to wish Revolution a great big welcome back from serving over in the middle east! I also would like to wish Eus the best while she is fighting through breast cancer.

Once again, like two years ago, some of you may remember that we have to pay for our Blue Host account, which allows us to host the website, the wiki, have our game server download speeds increased, have servers across the United States and Europe, make us look damn professional, and have unlimited storage. We need to raise $206 for our fees. This will pay our host for the next two years. We aren’t asking that everyone pays to match the full $206, but any donation will be greatly appreciated since this comes directly from Phebos’s pocket, which also happens to feed me.

So please donate, any small amount helps, even if it is $10. Donations are not required, but appreciated. You can go to the website and donate, or while you are logged into Teamspeak click the Donations box. Or use the link I have below.

Lastly while I have your attention, there is a small group of us currently playing Star Wars the Old Republic casually. If you don’t want to join, I currently have been playing Team Fortress 2. On top of those two games, I know there also is a small group in Secret World. If I missed a game I apologize, feel free to tell me and I'll edit this post!

Oh and one last thing! Templar was founded back in 2004, it’s now 2013! We are coming close to breaking the decade mark!!! Exciting!