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Wiki Submission Beginner EX A


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Wiki Submission Beginner EX A
« on: October 04, 2011, 01:38:43 PM »
The following is a beginner example of what your wiki page can look like when submitted on the forums. If you are not sure how bullet it,(or do other things) that is fine too, just note what you want at the top or bottom of your submission. What it would look like when it is published on the wiki can be found here.

Title: About

Table of Contents:

1. About Templar
1.1 |TLR| Templar Origins
1.2 History
1.2.1 Video Game Presence
1.2.2 Allies and Adversaries Past Current
2. Purpose/Mission Statement

1. About Templar

1.1 |TLR| Templar Origins

Text:Templar was founded 6-7 years ago in Star Wars Galaxies on the intrepid server by Mobius, who after leaving Star Wars Galaxies, handed over the guild to Phebos. After a long established time in Star Wars Galaxies, Templar evolved, advancing into several different mmorpgs and first person shooters. Templar is NOT a zerg guild and never plans on becoming one. We have remained fairly exclusive within our membership.

Templar is not a guild that can be considered "disposable" and if you are looking for a guild you can milk for items and ditch in a month, this is NOT the place for you. We are a gaming group of multi-gaming players, collaborating for Star Wars the Old Republic and many more games. A Formal association of people with similar interests. Our guild has members ranging from the West Coast of the US and Canada, to the UK. Members consist of otakus, mmo gamers, fps gamers, sarcastic slackers, artists, college students, ex veterans, and much more. There is no prejudice among Templar, no matter your gender or race. Templar is well experienced and filled with veteran mmo gamers. We all have worked together and know how to team with each other and open to all styles of play. By no means will we try to restrict member's style of play.

An important thing to know about Templar is we understand members have a real life. We are a hardcore and active guild but by no means will we remove members for their inability to be online. We do not have any requirements on activity. We try to keep our rules reasonable without anything that can be considered ridiculous.

1.2 History


Templar was formed in 2004 in Star Wars Galaxies as a rebel guild by our founder, Mobius. Templar was originally a branch off of a major rebel guild named GLA and was two hundred (200) members strong. In 2006 Mobius and several members of Templar left to World of Warcraft, handing off the guild to our current leader, Phebos. Phebos converted the guild over to imperial guild and as Star Wars slowly died, the only remaining members were Phebos, and the original Council. The remaining members left Star Wars, and their most infamous reputation, behind and formed Templar during the closed beta of Lord of the Rings Online.

Lord of the Rings was a milestone for Templar, being one of the most renown guilds on the server and having a strong core. Templar had much strife but with the tenacity of its leadership, it continued to pull through. Kopf remained leader of the Lord of the Rings branch and Phebos left to many other games while Templar remained in a holding pattern for Star Wars the Old Republic after the official announcement in 2008.

Templar had a presence in several games and even at one point, returned to Star Wars Galaxies. Templar has included many of the following games, but were not limited to, DC Universe, City of Heroes/Villains, Final Fantasy IV, Rift, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 dead 2. With the upcoming game Star Wars the Old Republic, Templar is pulling together from all branches to collaborate under one name with plans of being an established guild in Star Wars the Old Republic for a very long time. Star Wars the Old Republic is scheduled to release in 2011 and all existing branches (excluding the Templar FPS branch) plan on migrating to the long awaited Star Wars the Old Republic.

Templar has gone through several changes in preparation for Star Wars the Old Republic. Adding a council that seats right under the command of the Guild Leader. Creating bylaws, new rules, a mission statement, and aiming for a much more professional guild/community. Plans for alliances, and bringing in both new, and veteran members to the community, Templar will certainly evolve into something new, unique, and fun.

1.2.1 Video Game Presence

NOTE: <This is where you would explain how you want the listing done.

Future Games
        Star Wars the Old Republic

Current Games
        City Of Heroes/Villains
        Team Fortress 2
        Killing Floor
        Counter Strike Source
        Left 4 Dead 2
        DC Universe Online

Previous Games
        Star Wars Galaxies
        Lord of the Rings Online
        Ever Quest 2
        Dungeons and Dragons Online
        World of Warcraft
        Final Fantasy IV

1.2.2 Allies and Adversaries Past
In Star Wars Galaxies very few alliances were ever made. The two that stand out the most in history is GLA, and Truewatch. GLA was the guild that gave birth to Templar and when Templar had turned the entire server into enemies, Truewatch was the only guild that was not an enemy.

Lord of the Rings Online was a milestone in alliances, where Templar was the lead guild of a huge alliance on the Meneldor server. Several guilds apart of that Alliance still exist today.

The enemies Templar has made are too great to list, and their infamous reputation still follows them. With future plans to declare war on all Republic guilds in Star Wars the Old Republic, there will surely be enemies that rise to become more popular than others. Templar will crush all enemies just like they have done in the past, while building a much greater Alliance. Current


Templar is currently negotiating with several guilds in swtor to Ally with. As it stands at the moment, Templar has no official allies and has declared all Republic Guilds and Collaborators as enemies of Templar. There is currently a cross-server alliance between Templar and a branch of Templar called the Militum Templi. This guild was formed by a former officer of Templar named Beda(aka Stentor), from the Lord of the Rings Online Branch. Militum Templi is a republic guild that will be on a different server(PvE US East) than Templar.

Templar is looking for fellow allies that will be on the same server (PvP US West) and have the same intentions and values.

2. Purpose/Mission Statement


Templar is a gaming clan/guild/community with no other intention other than having fun in life, in game, and in general. Templar serves as a collaborative environment for gamers of great diversity. There are no limits for Templar, as it is a constantly changing and evolving community while maintaining its core values of respect, integrity and maturity.

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