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Title: Guide to Wiki Submissions
Post by: Deckatre on October 04, 2011, 01:26:57 PM
Hello everyone, most of you already know what a wiki is and that Templar has a wiki. The wiki is now live and public. We are now publishing your pages. To find the wiki, just simply go to our homepage ( and click "Access Wiki" or look to navigation bar found at the top of our forums, and click Wiki.

About the Templar Wiki

I'm going to give you all a brief description of what kind of wiki pages we are looking for. Our wiki will be used for anything related to Templar, to the games we play, and activities we all partake in. For example if you have a guide for a raid in swtor, you can write a wiki page about that. If you want to do a wiki page about Ghost in the Shell, or any anime, feel free. Want to archive a class, or crafting manual for a game like swtor, or tf2, your welcome to. Pretty much if it's related to; Templar, Gaming, Anime, or something else we all share in common, This is the place to do it.

How We Process Pages

Okay, so the way we will be processing these wiki pages is simple. You first go on our forums, go to the section titled "Wiki Submissions" and post a new thread. Now you post your wiki page. What is important to note is everything on our wiki is locked down so only council can edit. So after you post your wiki page in our forums, we will review it, and approve it or tell you that you need to fix some things and that it isn't ready. If you need to change anything, you can post a reply to that same thread with whatever you need to tell us.

If you find something on the wiki that is incorrect or wrong, go to the Wiki Discussion section found on our forums and post a thread discussing what the Council needs to change. If you know wiki code, you can contact a council member and we will see about giving you permission to create your pages on the actual wiki.

The reason our wiki is locked down like it is, is because we currently have over 200members (or something like that) registered. These include bots, spammers, and such. So this just is protecting your pages from mischievous bots/spammers.

NOTE: Our wiki is public for everyone to view, so if you have a guide that you only want Guild Members to see, do not post it here. Instead post it in the appropriate section in our forums.

Now you are ready to post a wiki page on our forums to be approved and posted on the wiki. An example of a wiki submission can be found below:

NOTE: These are just examples of what your thread on the forums explaining the wiki page can look like. If you are confused, don't get frustrated and just try your best. If you have questions go to the Wiki Discussion section ( and ask there.

Beginner Example (
Advanced Example (
Title: Re: Guide to Wiki Submissions
Post by: Deckatre on October 04, 2011, 01:52:17 PM
If you are looking for an explanation in further detail about the Wiki Discussion section on our forums, please read this. (