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Title: New Templar Wiki
Post by: Deckatre on June 20, 2011, 12:17:10 PM
Hello everyone! We got big news for you all, but it will be discussed in more detail in a future all member meeting that is found  HERE ( Right now the wiki is live but locked down until everything is finished. You can access the wiki through our Index page (, our archives at the top of the screen in the navigation bar, or go directly to (

Right now there is a lot of stuff on the main page and references to things that will be discussed in the upcoming member meeting. Feel free to get a head start and read things such as our Bylaws ( and MIBS rules for meetings (, or even learn something new in the About Templar section ( section.

There will be an officer meeting soon as well, and some more changes that include the wiki.

The main all member meeting will be discussing a lot of the changes and additions to the site, such as how to use the wiki, what the wiki will be used for, what are the bylaws, and any questions regarding the wiki. So don't worry, all will be answered soon, Phebos and I are just trying to figure out a good date to host the all member meeting and doing some editing before we set it all in stone. Until then explore and get a head start if you wish, and see you soon!
Title: Re: New Templar Wiki
Post by: Deckatre on October 03, 2011, 10:43:52 AM
The wiki will be open for submissions after this upcoming meeting! (