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January 19, 2018, 12:33:38 PM

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« on: July 18, 2015, 10:29:35 AM »
So here is what's going down in GW2 Templar

Building up:
Right now we have good friend base in the guild, but yet we still need more numbers to advance to reach further goals. We would really like to do guild missions/puzzles/etc, but we need to work on getting merits for guild bounties, so please help out on Wednesday Guild Bounties if possible.

We also want to build on getting members as a lot of us want to progress into WvW. From our discussion, we know players tend to turn down guilds with not many active WvW players, so we looked into building up members in two different ways.
1. Work on influence of going to WvW Havoc team nights. Right now the official Havoc night is after Guild Bounty on Wednesdays. We know all members don't have this night available, so another Havoc night is being looked into. Please post in Gw2>WvW to mention your best night for Havoc night if intrested, to set up for the best nights available.

2. PvP Teams. We know a fast way to build up guild members is to influence structure in PvP teams. With more people, a percentage of the people will be interested in WvW as well. In general with PvP Teams, we will be assigning PvP Team leader Ranks, so that with their members, they will structure builds to best fit the team, and work together to find the best way to reach our winnings as a team. Hopefully if we feel good enough to step into the ranked arenas, we can finally put our name out there.

Also on the agenda:

We want to influence the use of the forums in general, as not everyone has Steam/Facebook. The forums should be used by every member, so we want to find ways of getting people back to the forums. The PvP teams, as well as the WvW Havoc teams will try and structure their teams in the forums.

To post your build in a forum, just goto and build your character, and get your quick link and post it in the forums. It's a nice graphical and easy way to understand each-others builds.

Events: We do have events going on

All nights: Fractal Run - 1 hour after reset (other than Wed)
               Teq Boss - reset
               thunderKiller's dungeon runs - reset (please contact him first if interested)

Wed: Guild Bounty - 1 hour after reset
         Havoc Team - After GB

Fri: PvP Team run (more on this will be announced)

So this post is not just for the players, but all of us. Let us come together and push forward to make Templar stronger than ever!
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